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Spread the Love: Issue #1

Fri Feb 14, 2014, 1:35 PM

This news article series aims to show support and appriciation to all art styles. 
Featuring deviants and thier work, introducing you to new groups, and
interviewing inspirational artists from around the world.

Viewer Note:
This is the first of (hopefully) many issues of the online DA article 'Spread the Love'. 
Snowy-Adopts originally came up with the idea to start a journal series that features and promotes deviants, back in December of 2013. I held off until February to write the first issue (because the theme of the month is 'love'). I do realize that there was a similar journal series started in 2012, however, I did not know about this series until after I had begun work on my first issue. I plan to update with a new issue every week, 'Spread the Love' will showcase deviants, literature, digital/traditional art, photography, groups, artistic quotes, etc. I hope that you will all enjoy!

Weekly Quote:

It is important to express oneself...provided the feelings are real and are taken from you own experience.” 
Berthe Morisot 

Digital Art

  Floating Lanterns by 00AngelicDevil00   Mine by Elentori 

  Ignore the sparrows by AquaSixio  Pandora's Minerals by AthosLuca

Hell O Again by vladimm  Nebula Magica by Indae
Yayen Journal Doll by LeoKatana  Apple Fields by Risocaa
I Did It My Way by ragheb-abuhamdan Hello! says the birdie, let's go to my nest by uprising93


Traditional Art:

Within Us by WolfSkullJack  MATCH AND BADGIE by lora-zombie  Hayao Miyazaki Tribute by kerbyrosanes
  Flutterbat by TrefleIX  Halloween by CatherineWarner 
Puffin Scene by ZikvaVizva Confrontation by valentin-mittler Man bust study by glaucolonghi

Artisian Crafts

RaptorART Pony ties V. 7 by raptor007 Three Venetian Rabbit Masks by merimask ELVIARELH by LUNARIEEN
 Cute little birds by MissBajoCollectionKorinthe dress, Somnia Romantica by M. Turin by SomniaRomantica
Tree of Life by VoodooDollyArtwork  


Little glowing hopesSome star trails aren't meant to be followed (but I couldn't stand still)
and when have I ever been sensible, anyways? 
sensibility is tangible, but always just out of my reach
which is just as such, because i’m a mess of paint and ink and 
little glowing hopes - i’d hate to get something so solemn 
sent into such a spiraling circle of disarray  
I'm avoiding the imperatives that hunt me down 
when I'm alone, and the seething rush of entanglements 
that greet me when I speak
until I'm stuck with useless explanations 
in my empty hands 

you were twisted and broken, 
a little broken bird with no ideas 
how to fly or where to go, and all 
i could think to do, of all things, 
was to throw you from a second-story balcony
and hope you could figure out the rest

(it didn’t go as well as i had hoped.)
Honestly, if wishes cou
  HumanHeart wild, fierce, untamed
I keep it locked in my ribcage.
Brain scared, unsure, weak
I keep it close to my ears so it can speak.
  It's the Little ThingsYou might not remember
What all these small things mean
But it's little stuff like this
That means the world to me.
I know it might be silly,
I know it's probably weird,
But I'd trade a world of diamonds
For the little things right here. <3
needle limbsshe slumps like a flower with a snapped stem,
held tight by the skin of her teeth.
consciousness grasps at the
pain in her gut and when her eyes bounce down
to a lower level, the blood splatters her vision
imperfect and the ground scuttles
up to meet her face-on. [concrete parties
crashed by light-headed envious skeleton girls,
flying on shoulder-blade wings.]
hung by a measuring tape from her closet rod,
a pendulum with a scratched-up
face swinging back and forth,
and her cheekbones frown, caught on the
sharp edges of a world tearing ragged
at the seams –
she is a stack of needle limbs with aching joints,
thread wound through the
looped eyes of her silver bones and tied around
the next, grating together with each step.
[the pebbles of her spine begin to crawl
like trapped spiders searching
for escape –]
and she murmurs with a dry-paper-voice that
soon, it will be worth it.
Dear Daddy, I hate you.Dad,
There's something I want you to know,
Because, hey dad..
I'm not stupid.
I know you're not going to be here
Something I wanted to say..
I hate you.
I hate how you've been there for me.
I hate how you made me who I am today.
I hate how you've always inspired me,
And I hate how you've been the best father anyone could ask for.
I hate how I know you enough to know exactly what you're going to say.
I hate how you know me the same way.
I hate how you love your family more than anything.
I hate how you've been strong just so we don't feel weak,
And I hate how you never gave up on us.
On your family.
On your daughters.
On me.
I hate knowing that it's going to be
I'm going to miss you, Dad.
... Daddy, I'm going to miss you.
And I hate you for that.
  SandBox DaysI miss those sandbox days,
When everything was simplistic.
When days felt as though they'd never end,
When Playgrounds were "The place to be."
Cool kids were determined
By the amount of crayons they had,
Our parents were our best friends,
And our father was our hero.
When boys had cooties
And heartbreaks were non-existent.
When Falling off our bikes
Were the worst thing we could think of.
When scrapes and bruises
Could be healed with a mother's kiss.
Friends were just what they were called,
And were determined by your personality,
And enemies were just petty rivalries
Your responsibilities
Consisted only of homework,
And nothing more.
Your alert to come home
came from your mother yelling
From the back door.
When Barbies and dinkies
Were the "it" things,
People didn't care about
What you were wearing.
Money was no object,
And we were so carefree
Lighthearted and curious.
Tears only fell
When we didn't get our toy
We wanted so badly.
We were SO anxious to grow up,
To become a "big kid,"
 <da:thumb id="312394709"/>
  Monster inside my headI have a monster in my head
and it wants to come out
You've fed it, it has grown
from your actions did it sprout
I try to hold it back
but it's so utterly mad
I can't hold it back
it's the worst I've had
Stronger and stronger
It breaks apart my walls
I can't hold it back
My final barrier falls
It fights, it kicks
it bites, now you fall
You've had it coming
for yet another call
You push me around
now you will get it back
run away if you can
it's your skull I'll crack
This monster inside
I will no longer hide
it has destroyed its cage
you will feel all my rage
  Heartbeat Box
I have a single heartbeat
locked and boxed in glass
It's tucked beside my window
and sheltered from the past
I water it quite often
with honeydew and milk
It reaches for the sunshine
with petals pruned of silk
At night It whispers softly
and dances for the moon
It beats in gentle hiccups
and wakes me in the noon
I've bound it on a kite-wire
I've watched it fly away
Too many times it's broken
I should leave it on display


Lone Light by AntonioGouveia   Sending my love by ilovestrawberriesLighter by ChristofferJonsson Be Excellent to Each Other by amipal Week Six by uglybug
Finding orange by WouterPera wet moss. III by Altingfest
Coccinelle by NoCompletion ANTENNAE by ELKAPL

Featured Groups!

"Digital Sozo, a group dedicated to the best digital art.
In it you will find illustration, photography, design ... everything about this field. "

Digital Sozo has everything from landscapes and portraits, to fanart and tutorials.

"This group is for people who like fractal art. Anyone can join who makes any kind of fractal art.  All fractals are accepted."

This group is still fairly new and growing. Go check out their gallery if you are interested in fractal art!!!

Deviant Interviews

For the first issue, two deviants were selected to be interviewed.

:bademoticon:  :iconnoelle914: :bademoticon: 

What is the meaning of your username? 
well, my middle name is noelle(I really don't like my first name, which is haley) and 914 is my birthday, september 14

 When/How did you first find out DA?  
I actually found out about it on Ifunny, and my cousin had been on it for a while

 What would you consider your 'art speciality'?
hmmmm.... I'm really trying to branch out and try different things, because I really don't know what 'signature style' is. I really like doing ponies and cartoony things though!

 Who/What has inspired you the most?  
I would have to say TV shows, books, and TV. I'm particularly inspired by MLP, the fandom is so welcoming, and the art has so much freedom.

 What is your personal favorite(s) from your gallery?
i'm really proud of the collab I did with Bluesapphire97 , it's called 'dawn of royalty' I did the traditional, and she took it into photoshop! and my hero series, of which I am still taking applications to design you a character!

 Who is the most inpirational deviant you have met?  
I had a friend I met named grenadiers, and he always spoke to me, trying to teach me french and always being supportive whenever I felt I would never be noticed.

 How would you describe your artwork? 
 I don't know if all will agree with me, but, bright, and bold, yet still can have a soft, hipsterish feel.

 How/When did you first discover love for the style of art you do now?  
when I was a little girl, I always loved my little pony, but I rediscovered it when my cousin showed it to me. my first episode was the royal wedding I think. after that I couldn't stop watching, and I wanted to draw it!

 How do you strive to further improve your work? 
I want to get better at photoshop, and maybe try some different traditional styles(marker, makeup, pen, graphite, ect)

 What is your favorite aspect of DA? 
 how supporting everyone is. almost everyone I've met has been extremely accepting, and I love seeing my watchers commenting on my posts and wall, it really makes me feel like I've made it!

 Do you have any suggesstions or tips for other aspiring artists? 
never be afraid to try new things, even if you fail. part of being an artist is watching yourself fail, and becoming ok with it. I was never good at art till this past year or so. JUST REMEMBER I'M CHEERING FOR YOU never ever give up on what you love!

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share about yourself/your art?  
I plan to be doing more adoptables and I'm taking ideas and suggestions on what you guys want me to do, so send me a note sometime!

 More from this artists Gallery  

:bademoticon:  :iconbelle43:  :bademoticon:  

What is the meaning of your username?  
 Well Belle is my most common nickname as it is half of my real name, 43 is just a lucky number. Heh.

 When/How did you first find out DA?  
I actually cant remember how I first found out about dA, I know it was 4 or more years ago, (Didn't actually sign up until 3 yrs ago).

 What would you consider your 'art speciality'?  
Probably sewing! I enjoy drawing and tons of other things but I think I'm much better at sewing plushies,cosplays, ect. I also really enjoy prop making and painting!

 Who/What has inspired you the most?  
Probably my mother to be honest! She started me sewing when I was 8 and has been my mentor really. As far as inspiration from things, probably alot from video games, anime/manga, and lots of other artists!

 What is your personal favorite(s) from your gallery?  

 How/When did you first discover love for the style of art you do now?  
 Probably when I first really got into making my own costumes for halloween like 7 years ago, which then later I found out about the cosplay community and it only grew more!

 How do you strive to further improve your work?  
I'm almost always trying new things!! Whether it be using new materials, new art style, ect.

 What is your favorite aspect of DA?  
 Just the entire thing I guess? Being able to share just about anything you make and have other artists who appreciate it is great.

 Do you have any suggesstions or tips for other aspiring artists? 
Always challenge yourself! "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." In other words, keep trying new things to improve! Even if it looks difficult at first.

More from this artists Gallery 

 Contest and Raffles

:bademoticon: You get somthing out of this to!! :bademoticon: 

Psychic Armadillo fakemon contest: 100 point prize
design a psychic armadillo fakemon for my friend.

Anything From Zelda Contest: 1750 point giveaway
This time the goal will be to draw anything from the Zelda universe. You can draw moblins, stalfos, re-dead, poe's, and really whatever, even Link himself, as long as it is from the universe of Zelda.
hosted by :devIKKnight:

Mini Valentines Contest: Point and art giveaway
draw my newest Senshi Couple Hadriel and Uriel in a romantic pose.
hosted by TenshiNeera

Drawing Contest - win $200 or 16,000 DA points
1. Draw a scene from my visual novel.  
2. Draw a character (or characters) from my game listed below:

hosted by :devNiore-Ighaan:

OC Drawing Contest: win up to 500 points plus art
draw my oc!!
hosted by ARPG-Q33N

Over $30 and art Raffle
I will be giving away 30 dollars of points or USD to one lucky winner.
The second Winner will get 1000 points or 10 USD
The Third Winner will get 300 points or 3USD
Three mini Winners will get a free chibi commission or custom adoptable
hosted by Noxious-Dreams

4,000+ points and art Raffle
Me and GhostlyHarmony have been talking recently and we have decided that we want to do a double raffle! This is my second and Ghostly's first raffle so we are both pretty pumped about it! And of course everyone is allowed to join.
hosted by :iconspeedcircuit: and GhostlyHarmony

Thankyou for taking the time to read through this article. I hope to contine this series, updating once a week. If you an inspirational deviant that you think should be interviewed, or a piece of art, or a group that should be featured, please send me a note! 


Now go out there and

Spread Some Love


© 2012 pica-ae | Background image by Subtle Patterns
The first in a weekly series of a news article that aims to show support and appriciation towards deviants. With features, contests, interviews, inspirational quotes and more!
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